“Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? is a thoroughly researched and exhaustively documented examination of the role of Catholicism in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.. The book provides a fascination account of the life of Charles Chiniquy and an overview of prevailing scholarship regarding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. It will appeal to both serious students of history and to those who enjoy conspiracy theories and true crime stories, both past and present.”


- Lynn Duncan, historian, publisher, (November 9, 2013)

“Serup has embarked on a colossal mission of research for his book. One cannot fail to be impressed by the extent of his documentation…Serup’s comprehensive study might well serve that legion of scholars and historians who are drawn to the exhaustive post-mortem of the terrible and tragic murders of American Presidents.”


- Bill Engleson, author of “Like a Child to Home” (November 9, 2013, fuller review at Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?: An Investigation of North America's Most Famous Ex-Priest's Assertion That the Roman Catholic Church Was Behind the As)


“well documented with footnotes”


- Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site, (February, 2013)

Note: Bill O’Reilly, now former Fox News Channel host, also wrote a book on the Lincoln assassination and his book was rejected for sale by Ford’s Theatre in their museum bookstore because of historical errors and a lack of documentation.

A 2011 Washington Post article by Steven Levingston that pointed this out, asserted that this is the premier place for books on the subject of the Lincoln assassination to be sold, as the reviews by the personal at Ford Theatre N. H. S. separates serious, bona fide Lincoln assassination scholarship from that which is not.

It can be read at


Who killed Lincoln?: Paul Serup revives the conspiracy theory of Charles Chiniquy

Paul Serup’s Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? is a 400-page non-fiction study that gathers evidence to support the claims of a disaffected Catholic priest, Charles Chiniquy, that Abe Lincoln was the victim of a Catholic plot…


- BCBookworld (Summer 2010)

Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? closely studies evidence of Roman Catholic Church complicity in the plot to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln, as well as damning evidence of the church’s involvement in the devastating New York City Draft Riots during the civil war – a shameful rampage of murder, lynching and arson perpetuated primarily by Irish Catholics.


From corruption in the church hierarchy, to laggard responses of church officials against violence, to the vested interest the church had in compromising America’s democratic institutions, Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? is a severe indictment of a religious institution’s historical hostility to fundamental American values. A well-researched and persuasively presented account, Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? is particularly recommended for college library collections.


- The Midwest Book Review (Wisconsin, May 2010)

“…I appreciate the effort…put into this book and the time it took to reach publication. It is a solid achievement.”


- Dr. Michael Halvorson, chair of History, Department of Pacific Lutheran University (February 22, 2010)

“Over two decades of interviews, travel and historical research is behind the author’s thought provoking new book: Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?…”


- Prince George Free Press, (January 6, 2010)

“Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?] sheds the first modern light on one of the oldest theories about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. It is also an update on one of the 19th century’s greatest Canadian cultural figures, Charles Chiniquy.”


- Prince George Citizen (December 28, 2009)