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Quebec voices

I met a man on Sunday who is from a small town, four hours northeast of Montreal, Quebec. He is a French Canadian and was raised Roman Catholic as has been the norm traditionally in Quebec and it was very interesting to … Continue reading

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Christmas and the New Year

How the time has flown. We have passed the shortest day of the year a couple of days ago and now we are in the Christmas season is upon us. Many will have gone to Christmas, eve or day, services. … Continue reading

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Internet debates on Lincoln

  I just came across this article in the Catholic Herald entitled, “No, the Jesuits didn’t kill Abraham Lincoln: The Society of Jesus has inspired some of the most bizarre conspiracy theories you will ever read.” By Jonathan Wright on … Continue reading

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Resignation in the Roman Catholic Church- what does it really mean?

So the big news is that Pope Benedict,  the 16th, (or as CBS news put it: “Pope Benedict VXI”), will resign his position as head of the Roman Catholic Church. This would be the first resignation for almost 600 years … Continue reading

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