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Prejudice: Alive and Well in the Canadian Media?

Quebec academic Richard Lougheed, in his 2009 biography of Charles Chiniquy said that the celebrated clergyman remains Canada’s best-selling author of all time. Though he was world famous and achieve a stature that no one person who works for Canada’s … Continue reading

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Enter the Trollesphere – or not

It has been an interesting summer. The weather has been great. I have been quite busy but look forward to some travel this fall, including promotion and furtherance of my writing. Not too long ago, I happened to be talking … Continue reading

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The bitter price of fame on the internet

So my book is causing controversy, mostly among the unknown person’s with various handles, who can hide behind anonymity to say often outrageous things on the internet. They get some standing by those who read them so I do not … Continue reading

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