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Bill and Hillary: Part 2.

The anger about Donald Trump among the chattering class seems to have now diminished slightly and he has been in the news this day for his visit to the President of Mexico, (photo of Donald Trump by Michael Vadon). As … Continue reading

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The latest Ben-Hur movie

The newest Ben-Hur movie is out now though I haven’t had the opportunity to watch it. It is a remake of the blockbuster 1959 film, a historical drama directed by William Wyler that won 11 Academy Awards. That is the … Continue reading

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Bill and Hillary

It is down, essentially, to two people in the U. S. Presidential election and there is one candidate that the elites and mainstream news media seem to basically hate, that is Donald Trump, and one candidate that the elites and … Continue reading

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Pope says the world is at war

So reads the front page headline in the National Post last week (July 28). Is this really news though, that the world may be at war? Jesus Christ said a sign of his coming would be his followers hearing of … Continue reading

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