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Looking back at 2015.

2015 is almost gone and looking back, there were a number of highlights, I traveled quite a bit, going to the United States twice. The sesquicentennial of the Lincoln assassination this spring was a once in a lifetime event and … Continue reading

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Book signing and Lincoln scholar still has not produced evidence.

This month I participated in couple of nice book sale / signing in the small town of Quesnel. I have some photos from the second time but unfortunately cannot post them for some reason. I met some folks who were … Continue reading

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No answers coming from Lincoln Symposium to criticize Charles Chiniquy

It is interesting that after the full page ads were taken out in the Washington Times three Wednesday in October, a Ms. Laurie Verge, (Hero Member!) started off the discussion on the Lincoln Discussion Symposium website by declaring: If you … Continue reading

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