Evolution and Catholicism

My trusty copy of the May 9, 2016, B.C. Catholic also dealt with the alleged tension between “science” and religion. An article entitled Academics and young people discuss evolution, reported on a discussion that happened at the Vancouver Art Gallery Café in April. A Catholic academic was quoted at the meeting: “ ‘As a biologist, I don’t take a breath without presuming that evolution is true,’ said Father Rob Allore, SJ, the pastor of St. Mark’s Parish and a long-time geneticist. He argued evolution helps scientists understand how closely all life is connected.”
Allore also said, “Anything messing with the health of any part of the natural world is going to mess with us.”

According to the article, another Catholic, philosopher and lecturer at the Protestant institution, Trinity Western University, Chris Morrissey, spoke about intelligent design and called it, “ ‘creationism dressed up wit a marketing slogan’ and said the way to understand evolution and faith is to accept that God created the human soul and nature did the rest.”
It is interesting that this man says that people have to accept evolution, in faith, not know that nature, through random processes, gave us the incredibly rich plethora of complex life forms because, of course, you cannot know this, as evolution creating such things has not been observed.

One also wonders why scientists need to understand how closely all life is connected, why is that necessary, isn’t it more important to know what is scientifically true and what is not true? The Dodo bird and passenger pigeon are now extinct but I do not know of anyone who is saying human life may be threatened by this. In any event, it is evident that sadly, the plain teaching of the Word of God, that God created the world and the life on it, is not to be just believed, just accepted, by Catholics, and the Roman Catholic Church.

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