The new President of the Philippines

The New President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has been opposed by the Roman Catholic Church in this predominantly Catholic country but this has evidently done little to dampen his popularity. Duterte, who is somewhat similar to Donald Trump in the United States, has a tendency to shoot from the hip and is a tough-talking reformer who has been a very popular mayor for many years of Davao City, Mindanao. He takes office today, (June 30), in the Philippines. The Guardian newspaper has reported remarks of President Duturte,,

“You know the most hypocritical institution? The Catholic church,” he said, in statements aired by broadcaster ABS-CBN on its website.
He accused the bishops of asking for money from the government, saying it was another form of corruption.
Duterte said the church had opposed his election but that it had served as a referendum, showing he was more influential.
The Guardian has also reported of Duturte:

The Philippines president-elect accused the Catholic church on Sunday of hypocrisy, saying the bishops who had condemned him during his campaign had been asking favours from the government.

Rodrigo “the punisher” Duterte, who won the 9 May presidential elections by a landslide, caused outrage in the church hierarchy in December after making a rambling and obscenity-filled speech cursing the pope. About 80% of Filipinos belong to the Catholic church.
This is fascinating. I have been in the Philippines for the past number of weeks for personal reasons and a number of the Filipinos I talked to there were very hopeful that President-elect Duterte could do much to eliminate the corruption in the Catholic country and it is very interestingly that it is the clergy that evidently opposes him in this. Why would this be, one could very well ask.

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