Movie on the Roman Catholic clergy sexual abuse cover-up wins best picture Academy Award

The movie Spotlight won the Oscar for best picture! Wow I wasn’t expecting that, apparently it was not expected to win so not many other people were expecting it either. I really would like to see it but so far it hasn’t shown up in the city I live in but we can only hope and maybe the award will help. Kudos to the Boston Globe and I should send them information on another big story that evidence shows the Church of Rome are responsible for, the murder of Abraham Lincoln.
As the Guardian reported at:,
Morgan Freeman announced the winner to gasps from the audience at the Dolby theatre, after which the cast and crew skipped, amazed, on stage. Accepting the award, producer Michael Sugar said he hoped the film’s message – that institutional silence over child abuse was not to be tolerated – would “resonate all the way to the Vatican”.
He continued with a direct call to the pontiff. “Pope Francis: it’s time to protect the children and restore the faith.”

The group SNAP which has done much to help victims and oppose the Catholic Church, which has not wanted to come clean, must be very pleased.

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