The Pope of Rome notices Donald Trump.

On February 17th, yesterday, upon being told that Donald Trump wished to build a wall at the Mexican border, and reportedly deport millions, to get control of the illegal immigration problem in the US, Pope Francis said, in essence, that Trump was not Christian. The Pope said this in his plane after, evidently, taking part in an event in Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican city directly across the U. S. / Mexican border from El Paso, Texas. Therefore a foreign monarch, the pope, spoke on the election of another different country, United States, and said that one of the candidates for one of the main parties, the Republican party, Donald Trump, is not Christian. The host of the CNN program that I saw this morning seemed to be outraged that Donald Trump retorted to what the Pope said and answered him back. The CNN host (is that the Catholic News Network?) seemed to be outraged that Donald Trump would reply to the pope and not just go and crawl under a rock after “the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics” criticised him. Shouldn’t the host of the program, Jim Sciutto, have been outraged that a foreign monarch, a foreign king, was evidently interfering in the election of a different sovereign nation, the United States? One can understand why Pope Francis would say this as he is just following what his bishops have been saying in the U. S., as they have been speaking up in favour of people breaking U. S. law, as these people coming from south of the border are really part of a Catholic invasion of America which has been in main part growing the U. S. Catholic Church.

Jim Sciutto interviewed the head of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr., who had endorsed Trump, and I recall, tried to get him to admit that Trump was wrong and how dare he disagree with the pope as nobody disagrees with the pope. Elites everywhere including here in Canada have been dumbfounded by the rise of Donald Trump but could this be an example of why his is so popular? He does not kiss the big toes of the powerful, or any other body part, but does not back down from any king, monarch, but defends himself as his right is and the right of any American and speaks plainly. The pope said that if Trump is a person who “only thinks about walls and not about bridges, is not Christian”. This is a quote from CNN. The pope reportedly also said, in effect, that Trump’s alleged views were not found in the Gospel. I would very much like that pointed out to me where exactly that is found in the Word of God.
The last time I checked the exchange between the Roman pontiff and Donald Trump is still being talked about.

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  1. Guyle Nunweiler says:

    I watched Donald Trump answering questions at the town hall meeting in South Carolina. He said the Vatican has a big wall around it. Ha, ha!

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