Looking back at 2015.

2015 is almost gone and looking back, there were a number of highlights, I traveled quite a bit, going to the United States twice. The sesquicentennial of the Lincoln assassination this spring was a once in a lifetime event and I am so glad I went down to Washington and to other places like Springfield, Illinois to see how Lincoln was honoured, how things were well done and others not so much. The interest in Abraham Lincoln remains high, a thousand books penned in last four years alone. Hopefully the censorship of Charles Chiniquy will soon come to an end, perhaps the new government of Canada will make a difference and maybe with the hundred of millions of hard-earned tax dollars they get from Canadians yearly, the “national broadcaster” the CBC, will finally tell people of the significant Canadian, Charles Chiniquy. They can produce so much fluff and garbage, they should be able to work in a little valuable content too, one would think. The new year comes and those of us who believe people should be exposed to real history can hope for a good 2016. Happy New Year!

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