Book signing and Lincoln scholar still has not produced evidence.

This month I participated in couple of nice book sale / signing in the small town of Quesnel. I have some photos from the second time but unfortunately cannot post them for some reason. I met some folks who were very interested in my research, including some Catholic folks. It is funny how even lapsed, non practising Roman Catholics, seem to want to defend this religious organization but I assured them that I had only gone where the evidence took me.
Also, to update a blog post of August 31, I did respond to the one line answer I got in August from the this year’s Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize winner, Harold Holzer. I emailed Mr. Holzer weeks later, thanking him for responding as quickly as he did but also expressing my great surprise that he essentially had no answer, that he had no evidence to offer to support his position. I pointed out that he had positively answered the question, saying that he didn’t believe that the Roman Catholic Church had a role in the murder of Abraham Lincoln because of the relationship of Lincoln and New York Archbishop John Hughes and he gave this anecdote, that Hughes had acted very heroically during the New York City Draft Riots, personally standing in front of Protestant churches to defend them.
I pointed out that Joel Headley, who wrote the 1873 book, The Great Riots of New York, says the essentially the opposite, that the Archbishop had expressed fear to go out on the streets. I also pointed out that Headley was the only journalist / historian quoted in a 2013 article of the New York Draft Riots by the Washington Post, 2013 being the sesquicentennial year of the Riots. I reported that I knew of no other recent articles in major newspapers about the Draft Riots.
I stated that what Mr. Holzer pointed to as to why the Roman Catholic Church had no hand in Lincoln’s murder had evidently no foundation in historical fact, so it also therefore seemed to me that he have no basis for believing and expressing his doubts in Mr. Harris’ (and Charles Chiniquy’s) allegations of Catholic involvement. I stated to Mr Holzer, as the winner of the 2015 Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize, I found it astonishing that he made such a statement without proof to support it. I told him I welcomed any further evidence / thoughts on this but I have not heard from him since.

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