No answers coming from Lincoln Symposium to criticize Charles Chiniquy

It is interesting that after the full page ads were taken out in the Washington Times three Wednesday in October, a Ms. Laurie Verge, (Hero Member!) started off the discussion on the Lincoln Discussion Symposium website by declaring:
If you live in the Washington area, you have been constantly hearing announcements about the Papal visit next week and warnings to avoid traffic jams at all costs. Pope Francis arrives at Joint Base Andrews this coming Tuesday for a two-day visit in our capital city.

A staff member just handed me a lengthy article related to the Pontiff’s visit that was carried in the September 9 edition of the Washington Times. Since it is a history lesson related to the Lincoln assassination, I’m going to share it with you (don’t kill the messenger) because I bet it will stir a bit of debate:
She goes on to reproduce some to the ads’ contents mostly quoting Chiniquy and she ends by asking:
More questions: Did Lincoln really make those charges against the Catholic Church, or did Chiniquy compose the lines for his diatribe against the church? If Lincoln actually expressed a similar thought, does that mean that he was among the many anti-Catholic bigots in the U.S. (and I’m not Catholic)? I just don’t see Lincoln throwing the religious angle into the war, but I’m not an expert on Lincoln.

In a later post she also declared:
I did not include all of the verbiage, but there is an appeal to Pope Francis to “accept historical and papal responsibility for Lincoln’s assassination.” (Also a political “comment” on the Church’s power.) The page also conveniently recommends reprints of the Harris book as well as one entitled “Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?” purporting to be an investigation of the Roman Catholic Church’s role in the assassination.

Speaking of the Harris reprint, that was an issue for me during the 150th ceremonies at Petersen House in April because the cameras kept panning back to Ford’s Theatre and there was a huge, mounted banner in the doorway hawking the reprint of Rome’s Responsibility… Someone was getting free advertising at a most inappropriate time and for a spurious publication (despite its origins). I have not been on this site (and probably won’t view it), but this current ad recommends visiting

She is the director of the Surratt House. I registered to be able to post on the site and then I answered her and a Mr. Norton. There has been a back and forth, I have answered the questions I was asked but I then also asked for some answers myself, asking what evidence these folks had that showed Chiniquy was wrong essentially and now I have not heard for more than three weeks and it wouldn’t surprise me if there are no answers forthcoming so Chiniquy remains, not debunked as he really has been in life and death. The site can be accessed at:

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