Is It Censorship or Something Else?


Hopefully it is something else but unfortunately, another interview apparently is not going to be published. It almost made it. I told the Vancouver Province newspaper about my research and there was enough interest that a review copy of my book was requested, which I sent off. I was interviewed for an hour by a Province reporter in the latter part of January and then a week later there was a short Skype interview, as a sort of introduction, I remember.

The Skype interaction seemed almost surreal, the reporter saying something like “Wow, this Charles Chiniquy was quite a man, he was world famous, was he not?”

I thought, “I have been trying to tell folks like yourselves for years about this significant Canadian and now finally someone in the mainstream media gets it!”

He quoted from an academic, Concordia University historian Jason Zuidema, who I wasn’t familiar with, but this gentleman, Mr. Zuidema, reportedly said some interesting things regarding Chiniquy, declaring that Chiniquy’s allegations were not necessarily as farfetched as they sounded.

The Vancouver Province article, or articles, would have been the second top ten Canadian newspaper coverage of Chiniquy and my book. Alas, the editors there, who were so interested in this story, have apparently stowed it on a shelf , after the article was written, I understand.

Well it is on to other media in the hopes that sooner, instead of later, Chiniquy’s interesting life story and stunning allegations about the great Abraham Lincoln’s murder, can become well known.

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