Pope apologizing, what do Protestants have to apologize for?

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A recent story in the National Catholic Register reports that American evangelical Christians are commending the Roman Pontiff’s promotion of ecumenism and the Gospel.

It stated, http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/evangelicals-praise-pope-francis-promotion-of-the-gospel/:
As Pope Francis visits a evangelical Protestant church in Italy today and is expected to offer an apology for the sins of Catholics, evangelical leaders in the United States who met him recently have praised him for promoting a deeper understanding between Christians and a focus on having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The story also reported that Brian Stiller, a “global ambassador for the World Evangelical Alliance “ reported of the Pope:
In his years in and out of Rome, he became friends with an Italian pastor. In time, he came to learn that the church and pastor felt the power and presence of the Catholic Church, with its weighty presence, obstructing their desire to grow and be a witness. So he decided to visit the church and offer an apology for the difficulty brought to their congregation.”
James Robison, a founding pastor of the LIFE Outreach International, was there also. Robison said of the Pope:
“He thinks there was reason to apologize to this group, and I clearly got the impression [he seeks to apologize] to evangelicals and Protestants in other parts of the world where Catholics had in any way been unkind [to them],” he said.

Once he began, the Pope would be pretty busy apologizing and if would really do so, wouldn’t people start to ask if the Roman Catholic Church is really a Christian Church?
This story reports that:
Robison said he and the others went back and forth with the Pope through a translator. He emphasized that they communicated to the Pope that they are encouraging fellow Christians to build Christ-filled relationships with Catholics.

One of the things that we try to do, and I think the Pope appreciated that, is to stop the unkind attacks from Protestants on Catholics and really seek understanding,” he said.
Robison added, “Both sides still need to learn; both sides have repentance to do to answer for their very un-Christlike attitude toward one another.

I agree that, for instance, the Church of Rome needs to apologize for the murder of Protestants in Mexico in the 1940s and 1950s, (as I report in my book), never mind events like the Inquisition but what murders do Protestants have to apologize for?
In would suggest this is once more, an attempt to pull evangelical Christians into the sphere of Rome, where there is no “Christ-filled relationships” amongst Catholics. Why doesn’t this Pope of Rome start to preach the pure Gospel to Catholics and then when this religious organization is truly filled with actual Christians, then start talking about communicating with other Christian Churches. I am sorry but people like me and numerous other Protestants will believe it when we see it, and very much doubt it will happen no matter what smooth words come from fake “Protestant leaders” and Roman Pontiffs.

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