Prejudice: Alive and Well in the Canadian Media?

Quebec academic Richard Lougheed, in his 2009 biography of Charles Chiniquy said that the celebrated clergyman remains Canada’s best-selling author of all time. Though he was world famous and achieve a stature that no one person who works for Canada’s national network, the CBC will undoubtedly achieve, the CBC has not ever mentioned his name, as far as I know, on a provincial or national broadcast, and that doesn’t appear be changing.

Last year I believe it was, I wasted some time mistakenly engaging some trolls on a troll website about my research and my book. I was amazed this year however to get the same behavior from a CBC personality who hosts an Alberta wide radio program. The host however does not have the anonymity that emboldens pathetic internet trolls to say pretty much anything about anyone or anything, comforted in the knowledge that no matter how illogical, wrong,  vicious, etc the statements they make are, they cannot be held responsible for them.
In 2012, I was interviewed for more than an hour and a half by phone by this CBC host and about half way through, he started to challenge what I was saying and to make statements that sounded wrong to me. At the end, he said he would not air the interview as I “lacked credibility”. I asked if he wanted to read the book. He said he would so I sent him one a month or two afterwards. During the interview, we had disagreed on how the Vatican had handled the Roman Catholic clergy sexual abuse scandal in Ireland. Earlier this year, on the occasion of the U. N. issuing a scathing report of the Vatican’s handling of the worldwide clergy sexual abuse scandal, I mailed a letter to this host and his boss. I then received an incredible email back from him in which he declared, among other illogical and erroneous statements, that I had “collected a vast of amount of facts and stitched them together into a spurious tale devoid of veracity, accountability and solidity.”
I was going to ask what specifically he found wrong with my book but several days later, he emailed me, stating, : “Oh, and I should add, that as a journalist my role is to allow you to prove your point, or the very least make your case. At this point, I still don’t even have a copy of your book, so how can I be sure it exists?”

He stated what he did about my book therefore when, according to his own statements, he has never seen a copy.
It was amazing to read the biased and ignorant sentiments from this CBC personality, again someone who hosts a province-wide show.
I have been giving the CBC a chance to make this right but little in this area has happened. I have received a letter from the office of the President of the CBC but no apology so far.
I may have the opportunity this year to speak before the Canadian Senate committee that is holding hearings on Canada’s national broadcaster.

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