Death and Controversy

Last month , Farley Mowat passed away. Numerous Canadian media organizations, including the CBC reported on this. The CBC stated: Farley Mowat, one of Canada’s most popular and prolific writers, who became a champion of wildlife and native Canadian rights and a sharp critic of environmental abuse, died on Tuesday in Port Hope, Ontario, where he had lived for several years. He was 92.
I have read some of Mr. Mowat’s books and certainly knew who he was. The CBC account also stated that he was “Widely celebrated” and a “Controversial writer”. His life span and Charles Chiniquy’s were only separated by some 22 years though and Chiniquy evidently was more world famous and influential in his lifetime than Mr. Mowat, as Chiniquy’s passing was reported more widely, in Australian and New Zealand newspapers, for instance, and Farley Mowat’s was not. The New York Times put Mowat’s obituary on page B9 but put Chiniquy obituary on its front page. Some people would definitely consider Charles Chiniquy to be controversial,  and being controversial seems to be acceptable, at least as far as Mr. Mowat goes. Yet people today know of Farley Mowat but they apparently cannot be told of the more celebrated Mr. Chiniquy, as far as the Canadian media generally is concerned.
Some of the national media are in Prince George these days however, to report on the terrible crimes a young area man is on trial for, so I might have a good opportunity to speak to some of them, one never knows, despite the most regrettable circumstances.

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