Biden and Immigration

A Washington Times article late last year revealed that when US Vice President Joe Biden made a strong statement urging quick immigration reform, he accomplished a bit more than that. The Times article, by Cheryl K. Chumley, stated: “Vice President Joseph R. Biden probably thought he was making a compelling argument for the House to pass immediate immigration reform — but what he did instead was admit his ancestors were lawbreakers.” The article is at
The Times article quoted Biden saying, “My great-great grandparents came escaping the famine, and they didn’t all come here legally.”

The Times article also declared that “Mr. Biden made the remarks during a public appearance with White House domestic policy head Cecilia Munoz to pressure House Speaker John Boehner into allowing a floor vote on the immigration bill that passed the Senate in June.”
I wonder if Biden’s ancestors and the current illegals from Mexico happen to share the same basic religious standpoint. I would expect they do and this explains his enthusiasm to welcome these people who have broken U.S. law.
I remember recently seeing Biden declaring on the air that he considered all the illegal immigrants to be Americans already. When one goes to enter the United States however, you get a very different reception and if there is any question as to whether you might be selling something in the U.S. or working there, you are very clearly informed that you will be doing no such thing without permission. I guess that is why the Vice President does not have a job working at the border.

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