New documentary, old problems for the Church of Rome?

Recently, I viewed the “Secrets of the Vatican” (2014), on PBS,  It is a new documentary that, according to its subtitle, is: “A report on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the first pope to step down voluntarily in 600 years, and the efforts of his successor, Pope Francis, to tame the forces that helped destroy Benedict’s papacy and set the Catholic Church on a new path.”
It was quite good. There wasn’t too much that I hadn’t heard before, but it was still interesting. It discussed the abuse of Catholic children, and others, by priests and other Catholic officials. Vatican scandals, including rampant homosexuality, and Vatican bank wrongdoing, were disclosed.
How the Catholic Church has continued to operate in regards to clergy sexual abuse is revealed in sickening detail.
One disillusioned sexual abuse victim featured was name Peter Isley. He entered a seminary in Wisconsin and was repeatedly homosexually abused by his spiritual director. Peter Isley went on to found the Milwaukee chapter of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. Isley said Church intimidation toward victim who want to hold the Church of Rome responsible is the Catholic Church’s whole strategy.
Attorney Jeff Anderson has represented victims of clergy sexual abuse for twenty-nine years. He asserts that in every case they have worked on, the Vatican’s role has been prominent, all actions of bishops, archbishops and cardinal with respect to sexual abuse were orchestrated by the Vatican. The Vatican has claimed the responsibility for sexual abuse cases rests with local bishops and diocese.

Archbishop of Milwaukie, Timothy Dolan, however got express permission from the Vatican to move $57 million of Milwaukie diocesan funds into a cemetery trust. The diocese subsequently declared bankruptcy.
Filmed in a Catholic cemetery, Peter Isley stated, “You don’t need $57 million dollars for this space and seven other cemeteries. The real purpose was to keep money from compensating childhood victims of sexual assault by priests in this archdiocese from court ordered settlements, period. And that is so cynical and so…just unacceptable and it is just a further way of trying to hide, hide things, you are hiding money in a cemetery just like you hide sex offenders in parishes.”
Monica Barrett was raped by a Catholic priest when she was eight years old. The priest was convicted of raping another child and died in prison. Monica Barrett never had her day in court because of the statute of limitations. As part of her ordeal, she was sued by the diocese of Milwaukie to collect $14,000 in legal expenses.

Charles Chiniquy, as a Catholic, related how he fought great injustice, against tyrannical bishops in his day. How little things have changed.

During the documentary, Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor stated that, “The Catholic Church and, in particular, the Pope has the highest moral voice in the world. If that voice is diminished by scandals, that’s a serious matter.” Many of us, including Catholics, vigorously dispute this view of this religious organization and this man.

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