New book, new problems for the Church of Rome?

An upcoming book by David Kertzer looks like it could be an interesting read. Vatican archives covering Pius XI’s papacy have been recently opened, allowing researchers like Kertzer to give a fuller look at Pius’s relationship with Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. According to his site, “ Pius XI played a crucial role in making Mussolini’s dictatorship possible and keeping him in power. In exchange for Vatican support, Mussolini restored many of the privileges the Church had lost and gave in to the pope’s demands that the police enforce Catholic morality.”

Entitled, “The Pope and Mussolini,” if it is well-researched and the facts support what David Kertzer says they do, it is probably not going to enhance the Catholic Church’s tottering reputation worldwide but if the facts fit, they have to be worn, whether by an individual or a religious organization.

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