United Nations blasts Vatican for decades of child abuse

The Church of Rome’s chickens seems to be coming home to roost, if you will, via the UN.

The Associated Press very recently reported that a “UN human rights panel accused the Vatican of systematically protecting its reputation instead of looking out for the safety of children.” One might be accused of being cynical but it could be said, “so that is news, the Vatican putting itself reputation first before other concerns?”

It is very interesting and something that is undoubtedly thrilling to victims who have had little to cheer to date, despite promises from the Church of Rome. The Associated Press also reported that “the Vatican has yet to sanction any bishops for having covered up for an abusive priest, even though more than a decade has passed since the scandal exploded in the U.S. and countless law enforcement investigations around the world made it clear the role bishops played.”

Barbara Blaine, president of the main U.S. victims group, SNAP, stated, “This report gives hope to the hundreds of thousands of deeply wounded and still suffering clergy sex abuse victims across the world.” She added, “Now it’s up to secular officials to follow the UN’s lead and step in to safeguard the vunerable because Catholic officials are either incapable or unwilling to do so.”

The Associated Press also stated, “The panel essentially held the Vatican responsible for every priest, parish amd Catholic school in the world, calling on it to pay compensation to all victims of sexual abuse worldwide, and also to those who laboured in Ireland’s notorious Magdalene Laundries, the church-run workhouses where young women were subject to slave labour and often had their out-of-wedlock babies taken from them.”

Nicholas Cafardi, a former chairman of the U.S. bishops’ lay review board monitoring clerical abuse, asserted that the pope couldn’t control or be responsible for what happens in the Catholic world. The Associated Press report also stated however, “Benyam Mezmur, a committee member and Ethiopian academic on children’s legal rights, cited among other things a letter from a Vatican cardinal advising Irish bishops to refrain from any policy requiring they report pedophiles to police.” Mezmur stated, “They keep saying they don’t have the authority, but in the meantime we have had instances of the Holy See trying to influence bishops.”

Wow, never mind that they are trying to say it didn’t happen, isn’t it unbelievable that a Church official would tell other officials not to report pedophiles to police? Very interesting days, and one cannot help to feel for honest Roman Catholics like Barbara Blaine and others like her, who are so surprised to find the reaction of the religious organization they belong to, to find the opposition of their Church to them, when they try to do the right thing. It is a place that devout, honest Catholics like Martin Luther and Charles Chiniquy found themselves in also in centuries past.

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