Vatican denying accountability for abuses to UN officials

Officials of the Roman Catholic Church were forced to participate in a UN review January 16 and give an account of their compliance with the Convention on Rights of the Child. The Vatican however has reportedly said that they only are responsible for what Catholic officials do in the Vatican city state and what Catholic officials do in other countries is the responsibility of those nations. In response, victims and their families have pointed out how high-ranking Catholic officials have not disclosed to the government of various countries the wrongdoing by priests and other Catholic officials that they knew of.

In step with this, the Chicago Tribune has reported that as part of acourt settlement, (in other words – something the Catholic Church hierarchy found itself forced to do), more than 6,000 pages of  church documents of theChicagoarchdiocese detailing child abuse accusations against some 30 priests was released January 21st.


The Tribune also disclosed that a nationally known victim’s rights lawyer declared that he doesn’t believe statements by Chicago’s highest-ranking Catholic prelate.

It was reported by another news source that:

“Cardinal Francis George, who has led the archdiocese since 1997, released a letter to parishioners on Jan. 12 in which he apologized for the abuse and said releasing the records “raises transparency to a new level.” He also stressed that much of the abuse occurred decades ago, before he became archbishop. He said all of the incidents eventually were reported to civil authorities and resulted in settlements with victims.” (

Last Tuesday, victim’s rights lawyer Jeffrey Anderson declared that “Cardinal Francis George and his predecessors were ‘complicit’ in deceiving the public, parishioners and law enforcement about child-molesting priests in the Archdiocese of Chicago,” adding that “conscious choices were made by the archdiocese’s top leadership to protect priests.”

Same old, same old, over and over for many, many years, people have found that this religious organization’s officials have put protecting its reputation above doing what is right.



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