Bible and Evolution

It is quite strange that religious organizations that profess to be Christian, such as the Roman Catholic Church, also declare their belief in evolution. Especially since the Bible makes it clear that God created the world and the universe in six literal days.

This support of evolution must come from a need to be accepted by the world and be in step with “science”.
Recently, the Creation Science Association of British Columbia, of which I am a member, had another speaker give a lecture at the University of Northern B.C. The speaker was astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner. He lectured on comets and the age of the solar system.
It was an interesting, though technical lecture and there was a fairly good turnout and a full question period. What I thought remarkable was the fact that, unknown to organizers, someone left pamphlets outside the lecture room on a chair so, it appears, people coming in late would think that they were part of the talk. They weren’t. They were entitled, “How Old is the Earth?” and presented arguments for why the world could be considered millions of years old rather than thousands of years. What I also thought was very interesting was the subtitle on the front of this pamphlet which read, “The evidence against a  recent creation is overwhelming. There is perhaps no greater attack upon science and rational thought than the doctrine of a recent creation of the planet of Earth and / or the universe.” Now the translation, what this was really saying: “there is perhaps no greater attack on the belief system/religion of evolution than the doctrine of a recent creation of the planet of Earth and / or the universe.” The author of the pamphlet preferred to remain anonymous.
Well, thanks anyway Mr. Anonymous Pamphlet Author for the admission that the message contained in the best-selling book of all time, the Bible, is a tremendous bulwark against evolution. Also thanks very much for admitting, by this pamphlet, that these local lectures of the Creation Science Association are also effective. It would be great if you could get to the point of also admitting that evolution isn’t science, although we are told over and over again that it is. Despite the propaganda, no one has ever observed a man come from a pool of chemicals and never will, and no repeated claims will change that.
We perhaps cannot expect too much from these anonymous supporters of evolution but they might be getting better as a year or two ago, someone tore down all the advertising posters for an upcoming Creation Science lecture and that hasn’t happened lately. Possibly the same person that year complained to UNBC that such a lecture shouldn’t be allowed on campus but the staff at UNBC, to their credit, explained to the man about a little thing like freedom of speech extended to community users, that apparently this evolutionist / totalitarian couldn’t seem to understand. Oh well, baby steps.

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