Black Elites and the Draft Riots

So last week marked the 150th anniversary of the New York City Draft Riots. These cataclysmic events however went unnoticed generally, which is too bad. I was curious about what would be said but I should have know that the answer would have been nothing. How else do people become completely ignorant of such important things unless it is almost never talked about and if it is talked about, it is made sure that the truth is not told, less the guilty be revealed. Even the New York Times, which was threatened by the mob back in 1863, didn’t have much to say, if anything, on it. I wrote the following letter to the editor, which I believe wasn’t printed.

July 15, 2013

Editor, The New York Times,

Re Black Elites and the Draft Riots. It’s the sesquicentennial anniversary of the New York City Draft Riots. I authored a book about the Lincoln assassination and wrote about the Riots too. While researching, I was amazed how ignorant people were about them. In 2001, I also noticed that the Battery Park City police memorial still hadn’t honoured the police officers that fell defending the city in 1863, 137 years before. I understand that has been rectified.
During the Riots, huge blood-thirsty mobs threatened not only New York City but the whole nation as well. These ferocious mobs that, among other things, fought and killed police and soldiers, beat black people to death, looted and burned buildings with the inhabitants in them, were essentially all Roman Catholic.
Maybe that is the reason why many people haven’t heard of these cataclysmic events. This is supported by historians like Joel Headley and others.

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