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I just came across this article in the Catholic Herald entitled,
“No, the Jesuits didn’t kill Abraham Lincoln: The Society of Jesus has inspired some of the most bizarre conspiracy theories you will ever read.” By Jonathan Wright on Thursday, 11 July 2013.

It is interesting that it comes out now. I would have finished this blog post to have it posted yesterday, the same day of the article but I was instead working to answer what someone had written about me on the internet.

In this article, Mr Wright managed to speak about a number of things and say essentially nothing about what the title of his article states, how the Jesuits didn’t kill Lincoln. He stated, “Back in 2004 I wrote what I regarded, and still regard, as an even-handed history of the Jesuits. I was scrupulous about identifying both the saints and the sinners, and there have been plenty of both over the past five centuries.” It would be interesting to know what Johnathan Wright’s background/worldview is. Is he an atheist? I somehow doubt he would be. Is he a Roman Catholic? I also doubt he is an evangelical Protestant, who values the Word of God above any Catholic Church tradition. I would imagine he has a worldview that is quite sympathetic to the Church of Rome so I wonder about how even-handed his account is. I should try to get a copy and read it although I am busy enough as it is. I did also come across my name and my book in an debate on the internet and I have been working to answer the relatively outrageous statements made about me. More on that in the coming weeks perhaps.

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