B.C: The morning after

Adrian Dix, in his speech conceding defeat, said “we have to continue to be who we are”. And that would be socialist losers apparently. Oh, I’m sorry, I misspoke, that would be people who want to do the right thing, be the conscience of the province, social engineers, and if their policies were put into effect, make BC an economic basket case. The running of the province effectively could governed by how the salmon might want it and people could live in caves and eat rocks, as they should anyway. As fun as that would be though, the present alternative of the Liberals, though definitely imperfect, might prove to be better. Socialists will have to make do with messing up people’s lives at the municipal level for now.
Another note, to make weather predictors feel better, re the BC election, again pollsters proved to be as equally useless. At the closing of the polls, just after 8 pm, CTV said that the chances of a NDP victory was 87% and the chances of a Liberal victory 11% and the Liberals thumped the socialist, (what was the other 2%, the chances of sasquatches forming a government?). Yes kids, if you seem to be no good at anything except maybe talking, be a meteorologist or a pollster.

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