The Demise of the CBC?

Oh woe is the CBC. The Globe and Mail reported last week that the Canadian government is taking an interest in crown corporations in regards to their negotiations with their employees regarding their compensation. Apparently this is not going over well at the “Mother Corp”. The Globe stated: “The union representing employees at the CBC warns the new powers are a ‘ridiculous’ infringement on the independence of the CBC.” Yes, the CBC wants the tax dollars from Canadians and they want to be accountable to no one. It is great gig if you can get it. I might suggest the CBC is at this time, independent of reality. One certainly gets the impression that they don’t want to be accountable and I think they also don’t like criticism and don’t handle it well, although the national broadcaster is more than happy to expose wrongdoing of others. They especially don’t seem to like the RCMP. The CBC is not that far off other big broadcasters in Canada and the US as far as often doing a poor job of informing the people and having an agenda perhaps, to be fair, but Canadians are forced to support the CBC financially so the people’s representatives in Ottawa should be able to looking what is going on there all they want. It remains a mystery what a man like Charles Chiniquy, a world famous Canadian, with global influence, Canada’s best-selling author of all time according to Chiqniquy biographer Richard Lougheed, cannot have his story told, or even his name mentioned on the CBC nationally.

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