Ford’s Theatre orders Who Killed Abraham Lincoln

Eastern National, for Ford’s Theatre, has just ordered Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? and I want to make plans to be at the National Historic Site in Washington DC this summer to do a book signing for sure. That would definitely be fun and quite different from what I am used to. This week, in the midst of all the cherry blossoms there, they have enjoyed temperature of 85 Fahrenheit whereas here in central British Columbia, it was snowing earlier in the week. A friend and I wanted to go to Chicago by train this summer so it would be a bit longer of a trip, that is all. I went there in late 2010 via Amtrac and it was a good trip, I have always liked travel by train. We had not too much trouble getting through that time, although I think it was one of Minnesota’s worst winter storms ever, if memory serves me. It was on that trip that I did my semi-shivering youtube video outside the downtown offices of the Chicago Tribune.

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