Who Killed Abraham Lincoln- soon to be available at Ford’s Theatre

So Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? has done something that the book on the Lincoln assassination authored by Fox News commentator, Bill O’Reilly, hasn’t done: be approved for sale at the Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site Museum bookstore. The good news was received March 7th.

It was a somewhat mysterious trip the book made. After a National Parks Service management change at Ford’s Theatre, the book sat in the former Deputy Superintendent’s office for some seven months with no one looking at it and my emails going unanswered. After a registered letter from me, it got back on the front burner and twelve days later, I was told that it was not accepted because it “contained historical inaccuracies”. This was later updated to “numerous historical inaccuracies”. Fortunately, one example was given, which I analysed. After I responded that the alleged inaccuracy was itself not correct, I received the pleasing response that I did last Thursday. And the “numerous historical inaccuracies” just disappeared. That is very interesting and I wonder how that happens. Might the first Ford’s Theatre historical reviewer have had a bias or agenda to find these numerous inaccuracies when they don’t exist?
To her great credit, the current Deputy Superintendent of National Mall and Memorial Parks had ordered another review of the book. I very much appreciate her interest in getting to the bottom of the matter. She reported that the “second reviewer found that your book was well documented with footnotes.” adding that the book has been approved for sale at the Ford’s Theatre Museum bookstore.

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