More on Pope Benedict and the Secret Papers

Pope Benedict XVI delivers a blessing during his last Angelus noon prayer. (L’Osservatore Romano/AP)

my February 12th post, I wondered what was the real cause for Pope Benedict’s resignation. He stated “his ‘strength of mind and body’ had diminished and that he couldn’t carry on.” It seems now however that the real reason or reasons are coming out. According to a February 23 National Post article, the pope asked three cardinals to investigate the theft of papal documents by the pope’s butler. The documents were subsequently published in a explosive book by investigative journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi entitled, “Your Holiness: The Secret Papers of Benedict XVI.”. The cardinals’ confidential report to the pope has uncovered yet further scandal. The Post stated “The part of the report that shocked the pope the most was that which brought to light the existence of a network of alliances and acts of blackmail of a homosexual nature in several areas of the curia [the powerful Vatican bureaucracy]”.

The Catholic Church hasn’t appreciated the attention focused on this report and has lashed out at the media, saying it is an attempt to impact the selection of the new pope. The documents taken by the butler and then published, according to the Post, “portrayed the 85-year-old pontiff as weak and ineffective, undermined by his powerful second-in-command, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone”. The pontiff does seem like something of a babe in the woods. Doesn’t he know the history of the religious organization, the constant allegations, and proof, of incredible wrongdoing? As I mentioned in the post on the 12th, there is very good evidence that John Paul 1 had been murdered, for instance.

Of the documents that were taken, the New York Times reported on June 3rd of last year that “Other documents provide a window into power clashes over the Vatican bank’s troubled efforts to meet international transparency standards. In one letter that appeared this year, Cardinal Attilio Nicora, the head of an internal financial watchdog that the Vatican created in 2010, said that the Vatican bank had refused to provide details on suspicious bank activities before an anti-money-laundering law went into effect in 2011.”

The butler, Paolo Gabriele had taken the documents because he wanted to help root out corruption he saw in the Vatican, but he was prosecuted for this effort. Why would someone who wanted to root our wrongdoing in a “Christian” church, be treated like this? It does fit with all the other scandals that seem to have been a shock for Benedict though.

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