Scrutinizing the Catholic Church

I recently saw a story mentioned in my favourite unknown media entity, the Chicago Daily Observer. Is it the unofficial mouthpiece of the Bishop of Chicago? That bears further scrutiny. The story mentioned concerned a Chicago mob figure. A mob hit man actually, named Frank Calabrese Sr. According to the Chicago Tribune, a feared mobster, he and two others were found guilty in 2007 of ten murders. From an Italian-Irish-American clan, he was very religious and loved Christmas. Don’t know for sure but if I was a betting man, I would bet he is a Roman Catholic. Hit man who loves Christmas and is religious. Hmm.
And then there is a very strong contender for being the worst spy in US history, Robert Hanssen. A devout Catholic, he passed secrets to the Soviet and Russian intelligence service for more than two decades, which resulted in the deaths of agents working for theUS. Hanssen went to mass every week and encouraged fellow Catholics to attend mass more and calledRussia godless, even while he was spying for it.

According to the website Chasing the Frog: chasing after the truth behind movies based on true stories, Robert Hanssen confessed what he had been doing to a priest “A Roman Catholic priest told him that he should turn himself in. Shortly afterward, the priest phoned him and told him that he didn’t have to turn himself in if he gave all the money to a charity. The priest explained that doing so would absolve him of his sin. Robert did as the priest said. However, after he donated the money, he continued to work as an FBI spy for the Russians.”
I wonder what charity the money went to, perhaps a Catholic one? Again, that is what I would bet. Hanssen’s only motivation to spy evidently was money. Hanssen was also a sexual deviant.
What had these “religious” men apparently learned from their Church? Isn’t it very different from the teachings of Jesus Christ? Is it not obvious that there not something very, very, wrong, very rotten in this religious organization, in light of these things?

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