Paying out to victims of religious abuse- the Roman Catholic shame

Another settlement by a Roman Catholic religious order, with sexual abuse victims, has been agreed upon. The victims were ill-treated in three Quebec schools over a period of several decades. According to Canada’s national broadcaster, “It is believed to be the highest payout ever by a religious order in Canada.”

The Congregation of Holy Cross will be liable to pay up to $18 million dollars and will also apologize. It has also been recently announced that despite the agreement, the religious order will need six more months to be able to pay the settlement amount.

This is actually small potatoes in the Roman Catholic settlement history. In 2007, the diocese of Los Angeles agreed to pay victims some $660 million in a settlement. One wonders how many assets the Church had to sell, if any. This is only one Catholic diocese. It shows the tremendous wealth of this Church. Is this the “Church” of Jesus Christ, the Jesus of the Bible, who didn’t have a place to lay his head?
Those advocating for the Catholic Church says that this religious organization has the best interests of victims in mind. There is a US based victim’s group of Catholics called the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP, however. SNAP President Barbara Blaine though, has alleged that the Roman Catholic Church wants to crush them legally. Really? The Roman Catholic Church only wants the best for victims? Why would this Church want to put SNAP out of business, an organization made up mostly, or wholly of Catholics? Is it because it is SNAP, and organizations like it, that really have the best interests of victims at heart and the Roman Catholic Church really has just the interests of Roman Catholic Church at heart?

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