Letter to the editor exchange ended after criticism of myself by another letter writer

Re: N. R. Ward’s Oct 12 letter. Mr. Ward writes from a position of relative ignorance, I suggest. I researched Charles Chiniquy’s claims over a period of twenty-two years in libraries, archives, etc, across the U.S.and found no significant mistakes. His papers include an 1885 letter from Robert Todd Lincoln, who declared that he was his father’s best friend. I also discovered that Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, who headed the official US government investigation into Lincoln’s murder, and who effectively ran the United States in the days after the assassination, believed the murder was the result of a Catholic plot.

Regarding whether Chiniquy and Stanton were right, whether it’s relevant today and what’s “disingenuous”, one thinks of Robert Redford’s 2011 movie, The Conspirator. It concerns Mary Surratt, a devout Catholic, who became the first woman ever executed by the U.S. government, for her participation in the conspiracy to murder Lincoln. I suggest Surratt remains an embarrassment to the Catholic Church. Funded by a Jesuit educated millionaire, I believe this explains why the movie the public widely saw portrayed her as innocent while the historians consulted for the movie, and a feature length documentary, said she was guilty.
Mr. Ward, are you foolish enough to think you know better than the only remaining member of Lincoln’s immediate family in 1885, as to who his friends were? Do you really think you know better than Edwin Stanton, as to who was ultimately responsible?
My findings are published in a book entitled, Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? You should get one and see if you can find some historical mistakes. The US Parks Service who run Ford’s Theatre bookstore which rejected Bill O’Reilly’s book, Killing Lincoln, haven’t found anything wrong with my work.

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