Honest Abe’s Canadian Friend- National Post letter

My letter was printed in the National Post this weekend. Below is my portion. And here is the link  for reference http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2012/10/12/todays-letters-freedom-of-speech-for-all-even-pastor-terry-jones/

“Conrad Black penned an accurate and complimentary portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Many, however, do not know that there is an important Canadian connection to this towering American figure.

Lincoln’s best friend, according to his oldest son, was a citizen of Canada. A high-profile Catholic priest, Charles Chiniquy persuaded roughly half of Quebec to give up drinking in the mid-19th century before accepting an invitation to go to Illinois to establish a French-Canadian Catholic colony, where he met Lincoln.
Chiniquy however, later committed the crime of leaving the Catholic Church and becoming an extremely effective critic of this religious organization. Though world famous in his lifetime, memories of him have been carefully suppressed by the mainstream media.”
Paul Serup, Prince George, B.C.,

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