The butler did it!

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Paolo Gabriele, the former butler of the current Roman Catholic pontiff, has been convicted of stealing confidential papers from Pope Benedict.

The Vatican court has sentenced him to 18 months in jail. It is expected however, that he will be granted a pardon shortly. But the news on Thursday out of Vatican City apparently the butler will not appeal his sentence.
Gabriele received this sentence for his part in one of the worst scandals to impact the Vatican in recent years. The scandal involved allegations of intrigue, nepotism, infighting and corruption. What’s new in all this though? Could what is new here be that there was someone in the Vatican who thought corruption was a bad thing and that it ought to be rooted out?
One wonders where in the scriptures the Church of Rome thinks it gets the authority to jail someone. It is understandable why this religious organization would want to punish Mr. Gabriele though. According to the (Daily) Mail online, “Gabriele handed much of the Pope’s stolen correspondence to journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi, who wrote a book revealing the plotting and petty infighting at the top of the Church, as well as allegations of corruption, nepotism and homosexual affairs.” Shouldn’t the church of Jesus Christ want to root out corruption like this and not punish those who would expose such wrong behavior?

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