Lincoln Vampire Hunter- Give it a miss if you like history

A couple of days ago, I went to see Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter, as it was in my hometown. I had been interviewed by the CBC Radio Daybreak North (B.C.) show about the movie last week so I thought I would view it so at least if I was asked about it again I could answer with personal knowledge of the movie.

I went with a friend who described the show as a colossal waste of time. I have a hard time disagreeing with that. At the 5 pm screening we attended, there was a total of six of us in the theatre for the showing.

This was July 3rd though, some time after originally opened. I found it to be quite violent and gory at times. You could also make the case that it trivializes this extremely important time in American and world history and the sacrifices that were made, including the deaths of more than 600,000 Americans. As we left the theatre, I had the thought that hopefully, the people who have seen the show came away with the question, “it obviously wasn’t about vampires, now what was the Civil War really all about?”.

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