Is Charles Chiniquy relevant for today?

Who is Charles Chiniquy?

He died more than a hundred and ten years ago and most people in Canada and the United States have never heard of him. Why would he be relevant today? He continues however, to have significance and the events that he lived through and were part of remain a subject of great interest to Americans, Canadians and others around the world.

The curator of the Lincoln Collection, Dr. James Cornelius, who I interviewed in 2008, contacted me last year and updated the amount of titles on Abraham Lincoln. He said that he had re-analyzed the amount of imprints on Abraham Lincoln and now gave the amount of titles on Lincoln at about 17,000. An average of more than a hundred books a year on the 16th President since his death, so the ongoing interest is amazing!
We are now in the sesquicentennial anniversary of the Civil War.In June, 1862, events of the Civil War included the great general Gen Robert E. Lee taking command of the Confederate army. Lee took command as the battle of Seven Pines/Fair Oaks in Virginia continued. The battle of Memphis was a victory for the Union Navy. Confederate cavalryman Jeb Stuart rode completely around McClellan’s army, which was gathering around Richmond. Stuart gained important information with only one of his men killed.

There is also strong evidence that Canadian Charles Chiniquy, (born in Quebec, died in Quebec), was President Lincoln’s best friend. Chiniquy became world famous during his lifetime and was also an extremely effective critic of the Roman Catholic Church so it is not surprising that people are still commenting on him and attempting to dismiss him and what he said. Over the next blog posts, I plan to examine a recent article criticizing the celebrated clergyman and also look at the Conspirator, the 2010 movie on the Lincoln assassination directed by Robert Redford. I have significant problems with it, as do serious American historians.

Although it came out last year, it is still relatively new and relevant. I have the 2 disc DVD and perhaps will get the Blu-Ray edition. As other productions appear, including a movie on Lincoln directed by Stephen Spielberg, to be released next year, the Conspirator’s portrayal of the extremely important events that were the Lincoln assassination and aftermath, are still worth a close, careful examination. There is much to look at as we move through the 150th anniversary of the events of the Civil War and toward the sesquicentennial of the murder of America’s greatest President.

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