Mainstream Media Hypocrisy

I have been listening to CNN folks, for instance, lose their minds about what it is reported that Donald Trump said about he preferring that the U. S. not take immigrants from “blanketyblank” countries, which, it is alleged, were Haiti and some African countries.
This, if it was said, would be demeaning to the people and the countries of Africa and Haiti. The good journalists / pure as driven snow left-wingers who always say the right thing and are on the correct side of everything, are in pure howl mode now. However, when one points out that black people, African Americans, were not only called niggers but attacked and killed by a mob that was essentially all Irish Roman Catholic during the New York City Draft Riots in 1863, which by their standards should be “intolerant” and “hate-filled, vile and racist”, they have no comment and no interest in it.
People need to know history one CNN commentator said yesterday but apparently it is only some history we need to know and not all. If Donald Trump says these things then it is hateful, but if black people are called niggers and they are murdered during another part of American history, then we don’t talk about it and if we do talk about it, then that Catholics overwhelmingly took part or that the Church / Archbishop John Hughes could have stopped the rioters and did not, is disputed. People like me who point out things like this are just ignored by the large mainstream media so far.

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