Death of a hero and why don’t reporters / media do their jobs?

I have recently written to a Chicago Tribune reporter who wrote of the death of a lady who was a kind of a hero of mine, Barbara Blaine, who founded SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. I had corresponded a little with Ms. Blaine in the past and I was very saddened to hear of her death.
The Tribune reporter stated:
Blaine’s group — the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, which she founded in 1988 — would bring to light the Catholic Church’s clergy-abuse crisis more than a decade before the Boston Globe exposed the church’s cover-up.
“Her relentless advocacy enabled millions to eventually accept a long unbelievable reality: that tens of thousands of priests raped and fondled hundreds of thousands of kids while bishops hid these heinous crimes,” said Barbara Dorris, the managing director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, the group Blaine helped start. “Her contributions to a safer society would be hard to overstate.”
I pointed out to her that she had disclosed that years ago, it was “unbelievable” that priests had abused innumerable victims and that this wrongdoing had been covered up and it was a Joe Public or rather Barbara Public, or Blaine, who tried to get the word out about it. Finally, the media, the Boston Globe, got with the program and investigated what the victims, like Barbara Blaine had been shouting from the rooftops for years. It was looked into and found to be true, and finally publicised.
I asked if the murder of a U. S. President would also be considered to be a great crime and worthy to inform the public about. I told her about the celebrated clergyman, Charles Chiniquy, who was a significant Illinois personality and possibly Abraham Lincoln’s best friend. I pointed out that her newspaper, the Tribune, put the news of the celebration of Chiniquy’s 80th birthday on its front page some four years after he published his extremely popular autobiography that contained the allegation that the Jesuits were behind the murder of Lincoln.
I pointed out that I was not losing debates on the subject and even though an allegation, such as the Jesuits culpability in Lincoln’s murder, may seem “unbelievable”, that didn’t mean it couldn’t be true and especially in light of the Tribune’s previous reporting on Chiniquy, what he said should be revisited.
I expect it will be round filed as per the normal sleepwalking activities of the good people in the mainstream media.
Also, in other news, I also may be debating the history faculty of a Canadian university about Charles Chiniquy, who they evidently believe is a real charlatan. That is interesting and I am curious to see what they have to say in the new year in response to me.
Happy New Year!!

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