Bill and Hillary: Part 2.

The anger about Donald Trump among the chattering class seems to have now diminished slightly and he has been in the news this day for his visit to the President of Mexico, (photo of Donald Trump by Michael Vadon).44_Bill_Clinton_3x4Donald_Trump_August_19,_2015_(cropped)

As terrible as Donald Trump is or as the public is generally told he is, Hillary Clinton, that pure as driven snow liberal, has essentially as large a disapproval rating as Trump has. How can that be when she is such an darling of the liberal elite? Could there be a disconnect between the elites and the people they talk down to, i.e. the general public? This is from a woman who has been in the public sphere for many years and the liberal media seems to love as much as they seem to dislike Donald Trump. As I posted about a week ago, Bill, and her, apparently have lots of skeletons in their closets and they are not the skeletons that we have been told about. Many are detailed in Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s excellent book, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, as I mentioned.

One of the skeletons, for example, regards Jerry Parks, who was in charge of security at the Clinton-Gore campaign headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was murdered in September, 1993, after Vince Foster was found dead. He foretold his murder upon hearing the news of Foster’s death, saying that “Bill Clinton’s people were ‘cleaning house,’ and he was ‘next on the list.’ ”
Parks’ son, Gary believed that “Bill Clinton had my father killed to protect his political career” also telling that “We’re dealing with a secretive machine her in Arkansas that can shut anyone up in a moment.”

This was Bill Clinton’s Arkansas. Wow, amazing information, these are not the only murders allegations that dog Bill, and Hillary and Bill have been so close politically, no wonder the American people are suspicious about her, despite how the media often tries to depict her and Donald Trump.

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