About the book

With all the mystery and suspense of a classic thriller novel,  Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? is an exciting addition to the literary landscape–with the added bonus that it’s an actual real-life whodunit!

This 424 pages tome is meticulously researched by independent researcher and author, Paul Serup, and also comes with a CD of more than 3,300 pages of additional documentation.

It’s a must-read for fans of true crime, history buffs, and mystery lovers alike!

Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? is distributed in Canada by Sand Hill Book Marketing, in the United States by PartnersWest, and in Europe and Asia by Gazelle.

Read what others have to say about the book:

Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? closely studies evidence of Roman Catholic Church complicity in the plot to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln, as well as damning evidence of the church’s involvement in the devastating New York City Draft Riots during the civil war – a shameful rampage of murder, lynching and arson perpetuated primarily by Irish Catholics. From corruption in the church hierarchy, to laggard responses of church officials against violence, to the vested interest the church had in compromising America’s democratic institutions, Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? is a severe indictment of a religious institution’s historical hostility to fundamental American values. A well-researched and persuasively presented account, Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? is particularly recommended for college library collections. – The Midwest Book Review (May 2010)

“[Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?] sheds the first modern light on one of the oldest theories about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. It is also an update on one of the 19th century’s greatest Canadian cultural figures, Charles Chiniquy.” –Prince George Citizen (December 28, 2009)

The Montreal Gazette declared the book sounds ”like fodder for another movie about a deep-seated conspiracy in the Catholic Church.” The Montreal Gazette, (January 2, 2010)
“Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? focuses strongly on historical figure, and Quebec native Charles Chiniquy, a former Catholic Priest who spent the latter part of his career speaking out against Catholicism. It was Chiniquy who stated, and backed up with evidence, the idea that Lincoln was assassinated by the Church of Rome.” Cutbanks, ( January 2010)

…I appreciate the effort…put into this book and the time it took to reach publication. It is a solid achievement.” – Dr. Michael Halvorson, chair of History, Department of Pacific Lutheran University.

“Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? by Canadian author Paul Serup is a wonderful jam packed 400 page plus tome filled to the brim with interesting historical facts and information, as well as a great story about the ultimate assassination.” –Mark Vinet, host of PERSPECTIVES & INFO-30

“It is a significant book, carefully researched, with an extensive bibliography, gleaned from libraries, court records, newspaper clippings, interviews, cemetery records…. One comes away from the book with a feeling that Serup may be right or wrong but he has done a careful scholarly documentation of the evidence. The book will have a wide circulation…”  -Dr. Eldon Lee, best-selling author and retired medical specialist