Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?, “well documented with footnotes”, Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site review, February, 2013

In 1885, the former Catholic priest Charles Chiniquy, published his autobiography: Fifty Years in the Church of Rome. A 2009 biography declares that he remains Canada’s best-selling author of all time. Thirteen years after it was first printed, 70 editions of Fifty Years in the Church of Rome were circulating and it had been traslated into at least nine languages. In it, Chiniquy made the startling claim that officials and laymen from the Catholic Church had, in fact, been responsible for the murder of his very close friend, Abraham Lincoln.

buy-the-bookOver a period of some 22 years, author and independent historical researcher Paul Serup assessed Chiniquy’s claims. The result of his meticulous research make a strong and compelling case that  a Catholic plot led to the assassination of one of history’s most famous heads of state.

It’s a story of a conspiracy that seems to be much more than ‘just a theory’.